While I do have a day job, I've always had a passion for art and creativity.  My early interest was in hand drawn portraits all the way back to high school.  Over the years it took a back seat to my career but as my two daughters got into cheer and dance, I was able to resurrect my creative side through the camera.  I gained more experience each year and in addition to posting competition photos, I also got big into Photoshop and created composites and highly stylized images for the teams.  A few years back, after a lot of encouragement, I decided to start my own small business on the side.  That became cmArtCreations.

Untitled photo

My goal is simple --  Be Creative.  Be Fun. Be Professional.  

Because I do this on the side, I also want to be low-frills while maintaining high quality.  What this means is that I keep my prices reasonable and take fewer clients.  This also allows me to continue to stay creative and fully involved in the entire process without worrying about trying to drive more business.

If you're wondering about my style, just take a look through my portfolio.  You'll likely notice that I have a few styles.  If I had to characterize it, it would likely be vibrant and artsy but not ready to be pinned down to any specific style.  I specialize in portraits, headshots, sports and creative composites and photo-manipulation.  You'll also see a landscape/sunset image pop up from time to time.  This diversity allows me to stay creative as I can mix elements across the genres.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at info@cmartcreations.com

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